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This homewrecking slut Jessica Good, pursued my husband of 6 yrs after we purchased a truck from a car lot she works at. Minutes after purchasing the new truck and driving out the lot he received a text message from an unknown number. The text stated”To bad you’re taken” my husband replied asking”who’s this?” Then she replied saying”It Jessica! Sorry but you’re just so sexy” He thank her for the compliment. This slut had ALL our information from the loan paperwork so that’s how she had my husband cell number!! My husband claims she continued to text him a couple of days after. Then the texting became more frequently. Within a couple of weeks they were texting daily. He said she would tell him about her past relationship and how she was physically abused by her ex husband. She won the pity card! I admit my husband and I were going through hard times. He was out of work and we had just had a baby. We have 4 kids and the stress was hard on us both. I thought things were getting better.I had returned back to work in September and he started a new job in October. Well apparently I was wrong! A week before Thanksgiving my husband decided he was moving out after a small argument. I didn’t believe him at first but after the second night I was shocked! I was left alone to care for 3 kids plus an infant. I would call him daily and beg him to come home. He would tell me that it was over and he was no longer in love with me. When I asked if there was someone else he denied it. This was WAY out of character for him. He didn’t show up for Thanksgiving Dinner and when I called him to ask why he didn’t answer. Family and friends were questioning him about his actions. He would tell everyone he felt unappreciated at home so he no longer wanted that life. With family help he agreed to talk things over with me. We came to an agreement on things to work on as far as our marriage and home. He also agreed to come back home after being gone for a week. When he returned home I noticed he was very protective of his phone. Even taking it with him to shower! I didn’t confront him about it because I feared he would get mad and leave again. After 3 days of being home I receive a text message from him saying that he needed more time to think about things and he was going to be staying at his brother’s house. I was so confused and hurt because I thought things were going well. I didn’t want my children to know what was going on so we would communicate/argue through text. I continued to ask over and over if there was someone else and he would deny it.He had become a new person overnight. Wanting nothing to do with his children and always disrespecting me. He definitely wasn’t the man I fell in love with 6 yrs ago. Because he had taken our only vehicle, I was left relying on family for rides to the grocery stores and work. I finally got tired of depending on others help when it was his responsibility. He agreed to give me rides to and from work and also to run errands when needed. Well in mid December we had a major ice storm. Freezing weather lead to our heater going out at home. I called my husband to bring us electric heaters until we were able to get someone out to fix it. He said okay. Well hours went by and the house got colder. I called him to see what was taking so long and got no answer. I continue to call and text all night and nothing! I started to pile the kids with clothes to keep warm. Had them all sleep in my bed so we could try to keep warm through the night. Around 7am the next morning I received a text saying the electric heaters were outside on the patio and an apology for not bringing them the night before. I was furious!!! I couldn’t believe that a man could be so selfish and let his own children freeze like that!!! We had an infant in the house and he just didn’t care. After that I was pretty much done with him and wanting nothing else to do with him.A day before Christmas Eve I received a 10 page text from him. He was begging for forgiveness and wanted to come back home. I figured if I let him come home my kids could have a good Christmas. We had a Christmas tree in our house but no presents under the tree. I had been paying bills alone without his help and no extra money for gifts. Boy was I in for a huge disappointment!!! So he comes back home for the second time on the 23rd of December. When I asked if we come go shopping for the kids Christmas gift he said he didn’t have money. Again I was confused asking why? I mean his brother wasn’t charging him to stay there. He wasn’t helping me with bills! So what did he spend $3000 on?? He didn’t have an answer for me. So my kids were left without a Christmas. December 26 my husband sneaks out our home early in the morning with his belongings. Only to wake up to one of his text message excusing his reason for leaving yet AGAIN. On January 12 my husband returned back home to stay for good. He was home physically but not mentally! Every day things got a little better. We were spending time with the kids on the weekends and also we were having our date nights. February 19 is when my suspicions came to light. I received a message on Facebook by a familiar face. Jessica Good! The finance manager where we had purchased our truck. She confessed about the affair she had been having with my husband for the last 4 months. When I confronted my husband he denies it all and says she’s crazy. I tell Jessica to call me because he is denying everything. So she starts sending pictures of them together and love letters he wrote her. At this point my husband has no choice but to confess! He starts to cry and say”I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” I then tell him to leave my house. I finally convince her to call me. She put all the blame on him and claims she was also a victim. The more I talked to her I started catching on to her lies. For instance she said he had stated to her that he missed his kids and wanted to go back home in which she was totally fine with. Then she said he started to text her again saying he missed her. According to her she knew he was back home but it was only temporary. Once I got my own vehicle he was leaving for good and they were going to be together. He told her he was sleeping on the couch. She then starts to say that he would block her calls when he was home so I wouldn’t see if she called. That’s when I questioned her!! Ok Jessica if he told you we were completely over, why would he block your calls? Why continue to hide you? Why didn’t he leave after I purchased my own vehicle? She agreed that she was dumb for believing him and was absolutely shocked to hear I had purchased a vehicle weeks ago. He had stood her up on her birthday because he had to give me a ride somewhere. Which was obviously a lie!The next day I was ready to hear what my husband had to say about the affair. I made him start from the day it all started. I was disgusted to find out she was the one to start it and how fast after the purchase of the truck she started texting him. At this point he’s telling me the total opposite of what she had said the night before. I start to tell him what she claimed happened. Thats when he said I have proof she’s lying. I saved all her texts!! He came over later that day and I read all the text. He had been trying to break it off with her but she kept threatening to get him fired from his job and get his truck taken away if he left her. She told me the night before that she was done with him but that was a lie because she continued to text and message him on Facebook. He said the reason she finally came out and told me was because he had been ignoring her. He wasn’t replying to her text or messages on Facebook. He wasn’t answering her phone calls so she got angry and messaged me. After all I was the reason for him ignoring her. Her grand plan was to tell me so I could then leave him for good and she would have him to herself. My husband told her he loved me and our kids more than anything in the world and he regrets EVERYTHING that happened between them. He was going to do everything in his power to save our marriage. She did not like that at all! Her planned had backfired on her so she proceeded to call me a hoe and said we deserved each other. She’s sleeping with my husband but I’m the hoe?!?! She had been totally nice and willing to answer all my questions. Like why my husband never brought the heaters to us that night. She said they were at a hotel that night and that’s why he didn’t come. When I confronted her about all the text I had read she completely shut me out. Blocking me from Facebook and blocking my number from calling her. I never once got bitchy with her, I simply just repeated to her what I had read and he had all her text saved. I guess she felt she was caught in a lie and didn’t know how to deal with it.Meanwhile she was still trying to contact and make peace with my husband. Calling him from her parents phone hoping he would answer but when he didn’t she would leave voice mails of her crying. She finally gave up and stopped. My husband and I continue to talk about the affair and why it happened. He gave me all access to his phone, email and Facebook account. Three weeks after the last voice mail was left my husband received an email from her. She was basically updating him on what’s been going on in her life and how much she misses him. I couldn’t help but to laugh at her pathetic ass! I emailed back saying it was me and how I felt sorry for her. She has no self-respect because she continues to try to pursue a married man who has already told her he wants nothing to do with her. A girl who desperate really has issues and should consider seeing a therapist. I’m hoping with how badly I insulted her verbally we wont hear from her again. If my husband hadn’t saved her text I probably would have never thought she was as crazy as she is. So I’m warning ALL women in the Plano, Allen and Richardson area in Texas. Beware of this slutty homewrecker Jessica Good! And to ALL the men out there, she may be easy and fun but she’s a psycho one. >

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