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My name is Gracie I’m the mother of a year old little boy. Well just recently I started getting messages from my friends saying that my babydaddys ex had been messaging him on Feb and trying to get back with him. So just outta curiosity I went and looked on her Facebook page and found pictures of her with MY son and many comments from my baby daddy to her saying things like come see your son,your are beautiful,telling her that he was gonna buy her rings, and even bad mouthing me telling her that I’m a dumb bitch. On top of this come to find out his ex is a prostitute-my friend sent me her ads advertising her body- I confronted him and denied everything saying that they were just friends saying that shed only seen my baby once basically trying to cover his ass…Then she start messaging me saying things like she was gonna take my son, that she was pregnant with my babydaddys child and all kinds of crazy stuff. She then blocked me on Facebook but I have friends that would screenshot her stuff and send it to me showing me that my babydadddy was still talking to this crazy bitch. I’m beyond pissed being lied to and treated like a fool and espically pissed that my son is around this hooker.

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By Ronald

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