Jessica Beckley – Absecon, New Jersey New Jersey


This unbelievably disgusting dirty fat slob seeks married men. She seduces them by telling them everything and anything they would wanna hear and when she gets in their heads she has no moral issue TRYING to ruin all the lives involved around it. When she “falls in love” with your husband who never made any promises beyond a blow job or sex, and repeatedly said husband tried to break away from her over and over and over and her poison, she started the psycho blackmail thing “I’m going to tell your wife if you won’t come have sex with me”. Including letters, pictures, all contact information for said wife with her fat finger hovering over the send button in his face. Constantly threatening a man who just didn’t want her. Inducing fear and making someone act in a way they start hating themselves is pretty sick. It’s pretty sad someone can feel so unworthy of themselves to pray on men they can’t have and then have a pity party like they’re heart was broken. After all this for months on end she will by every means available harass and contact the wife of the husband she was fucking and TRY to brutally bring them down to get HER way with him. Watch out ladies!! This is a true experience I’ve personally encountered.

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By Ronald

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