Jessica Baker – 5 head, horse teeth, dead beat, hunchback slore Georgia


Not only has this ugly a55 ho cheated on her ex husband, with MULTIPLE men, one of which was his best friend, she also slept with my husband in ATL. She then fell in love with another man she married 2 months after her divorce. He is ex military ap is a drunk, abusive, and a liar, who she cheats on too! She always runs to Florida to escape him just to fuk a hometown boy. Don’t let me forget the 2 kids she had with her ex husband that she does NOT take care of, chooses last, and makes broken promises to them. Not only that, she also abandoned them by moving to florida, leaving her two daughters behind. She left Rome to get away from her abusive husband and 2 months later picks him up from jail to move back in with her in florida. Again, she’ll do whatever and drop everything for her husband, but not her kids. Shes a dead beat mom and a waste of a human being.

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By Ronald

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