Jess Nelbach – Fairfax, Virginia Virginia


Jess has always been obsessed with my now husband, soon to be ex husband. When we were just getting to know each other she would send me messages on his phone saying she was fucking him, that he still loved her, all this crap. I became pregnant (not planned) and decided to stick around. So many times she would write to me saying so much crap and about how they had a scare pregnancy. Even all his friends and family were telling me to open my eyes and stop messing with him cause he’s just lying. || I had my son and things were always on and off with his dad. I’d find out he’s stay over there at her house all the time, sleep at her house, FaceTime her and call her only when I was not around. || Last year she became pregnant. She said she fucked a married guy AND my sons dad at the same time and didn’t know who the daddy was. Of course my sons dad has to this day denied everything! Yet this woman is so proud to say all these things to people, why I have no clue. Fast forward 9 months and the baby comes just a few months ago in January 2015. After so long the DNA test confirms it isn’t my sons dad. But she still swears she fucked him, while all this time because of my threats and the way I react towards her and my sons dad, I’m called the crazy bitch. Ha. Ok. || He and I eloped and now I’m finding photos, videos of him and her having sex, and it is the last straw. I’m takig my kids, I’m divorcing him, and enough is enough. I tried so hard to make things work even when I was acting like a crazy , jealous woman and now I know the whole”she’s just jealous,” or the famous,”its all a lie,” is, in fact , just a lie.

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By Ronald

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