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This year I found out from my husband that he slept with his whore of a lieutenant last year after denying it for months. She denied it multiple times too, lied and changed her story more times than I could count. She knew my husband and I were having problems with our marriage and that I was having health issues as well but instead of being a decent human being with morals, she decided to open her legs for my husband multiple nights when he was supposed to be at work while I was at home dealing with a very complicated second pregnancy and taking care of our 1 year old daughter. But turns out she wasn’t just opening her bed to my husband but also another married man in their unit. I was informed by soldiers in their unit that they had been having an affair since back in 2011. But they could have also been going at it since her best friend was dating my husband too. || This piece of trash has no conscience and no morals. She will roll around in bed with multiple married man with no regard to the damage that she causes. I tried to commit suicide because I fell into a deep depression the day my husband came clean. They had a secret email account my husband created so they could stay in contact without me finding out. They set up a scam where she was our insurance agent so they could talk all day every day. I know soon she will get what she deserves. The military frowns upon officers sleeping with enlisted soldiers. And wife’s don’t like their husbands to sleep around with low life disgusting scum. Be careful wives of soldiers in PA. She transferred from DC National Guard up to PA. Ladies beware if your husband wants to make her your Allstate insurance agent. The white guy next to her in the second picture is my husband. Don’t they just look adorable together? || According to my husband her skills as a leader in the military suck, but she’s good at ruining marriages obviously.

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By Ronald

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