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Complaint: It is without reservation, that I pause spread this urgent information. I am appalled, disgusted, and above all pissed. I am a hard working American I am also a business owner, All of my adult life I have paid Taxes into my Government. But today I was slapped in the Face by California Governor Jerry Brown. My hard earned state taxes are being robbed from me and given away to Illegal Aliens! (dream Act), It pisses me off more because my best friend who is in College is having to work a full time Job while being a full time student, he is racking up mountains of school debt, financial aid is barely covering him and he is An American citizen any extra AID needs to go to him.Jerry Brown is an ignorant man I dont understand how he can be so blind as to see how continuing to GIVE AWAY THINGS to people who are to d**n lazy to become legal and pay taxes into our government has destroyed our economy, and killed the American dream. THIS IS NOT AMERICA this is a public nesting ground for Illegal immigrants to come over and feed off of hard working Americans who are barely making it, because all we have is being sucked away..THANK you JerryBrown, kissing a*s has gotten you elected, and I knew that once you got into office you would rip me off and you did. From your! Hardworking, Taxing Paying, California born American.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, California United States of America


Phone: 916 445-2841

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