Jerracka Sorgenfrei – Best friend turned homewrecker Indiana


This is Jerracka Sorgenfrei. She was my best friend. My sister. My 7 year old called her auntie. I’m the only real aunt her 1 year old knew. She fuked my husband in my bed. Then continued to message him and when I found out I broke his phone and her only question was, “is she going to tell my husband?” That’s when i snapped. Shes checked on her husband with at least 2 men i know off besides my own. I called her husband and said, so do you know what your wife has been up too? He said know what? And my response… “shes been fuking my husband”. It wasnt until I went to meet up with her husband and told him everything that he believed me. She called one of my jobs and made up lies to get me fired. But little to her knowledge they called me not 2 weeks later to come back. So she not only fuked my married up but her own. I never had proof until that night. Sorry not sorry you ruined my life now yours is crashing around you. I hope it was worth it.

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By Ronald

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