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Things I wish I could have would have said, before she blocked me…. It hasn’t been quite a year since I found out about my husbands affair. I have chosen to stay with my husband. We have started to find peace again, but the thing holding me back from moving on is that when she found out I knew she blocked me every way in her life. I guess that since I still have my husband and we’re happy again I should be okay with that saying,”sometimes you’re never going to get an I’m sorry”. I don’t want an I’m sorry, I want this bitch to hear what I have to say and be done with it. She has balls big enough to sleep with a married man she ought to have the balls to face his wife! || So my husband was laid off, leaving him to be the homemaker and me pregnant and working. This wench messages my husband on FB saying she’d love to have a pic of his nephew for her son. ( my husbands sister and nephew died in an accident). The affair was on from there. She gave him some sob story about how her husband beat and abused her…blah blah blah. Bitch please you work for the sheriffs department. (Removed) My husband was her 5th affair that her husband knew about. My husband ended up going back to work, sometimes coming home just a little later being a little more distant. I didn’t think much of it. He worked an hour away and carpooling. We had our baby, things were good. My husband ended up getting a new job further away from home with a longer commute but still coming home every night. Eventually one of his jobs required him to stay out of town 4 days a week. One week he was short with his phone calls and barely a text. I got suspicious and snooped on his FB. There was her message he forgot to delete.”I need to see you, I miss your hands on me”. After doing my research and talking to people who knew her. Everyone was aware of their affair. So called friends knew. They blabbed their mouths to people about it. I messaged her on FB. She denied it and blocked me. I talked with her husband. I told him of the affair. She didn’t even have the balls to face her husband. When he asked her about it alls she could say is yes I did it and I’m moving out. My husband has taken all my anger. Don’t think I am only blaming her, all of this has been said to my husband in one way or another. || So here is what I have to say to you…. || You are a disgusting woman. Claiming to be a victim of abuse from a young age! Way to become an abuser yourself instead of a victor! If you were a real woman you would have told him to go home and stay there. Sick and disgusting women like you only help men stay pigs! || You’re a poor excuse for a mother to take your children with you to meet your boyfriends. You make me want to vomit, knowing you have had at least 5 affairs! Do you not give a shit about your own children? Obviously not because the fact that I was having a baby didn’t mean shit or the fact that my husband and I had a total of 11 children that could be affected by your and my husband jackass choices. || Everyday since finding out I restrain myself from showing up at your house or work and pounding your crayola ganged banged face in. Is it the jail time and probation that scares me? No because it would totally be worth it. It’s being away from my children that saves your face! || You may want to get yourself checked for the gift that keeps giving! I should have called your sheriff and had your job taken from you. Don’t think it can’t happen. Why do you think I don’t work for the sheriffs dept. anymore? A relationship with a felon, big no no to the code of ethics! || You really ought to think twice before you sleep with another man. You will forever be a part of my life. My boys will be raised that they will not treat women the way my husband treated me, or used and abused sex with someone else. My girls will know it will not be acceptable to be a whore bag like you, and letting her a man treat her the way you allow yourself to be used by men is unacceptable! Thanks for being an example to children as what not to be! || Wow a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders by just writing this. You and my husband have humiliated me. I have made amends with my husband, and I guess here is my amends with you! After this I will no longer allow you to be part of my thought process throughout my days. I guess since you didn’t want to hear it before now you and the world can hear it!

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