Jeremy Byrge – Rockford, Illinois Illinois


Ladies please be on the lookout for this man. My friend was married to him for 15 years. When he started with my friend she was only 18. he was 28. Jeremy hid his past and his real self from her for the first year. Jeremy has a past of beating a child drug offenses and theft. Jeremy likes to party and do drugs. Jeremy is a violent person. Over the course of 15 years Jeremy has broke my friends arm, bruised the whole side of her face, gave her numerous black eyes, a lot of bruises cuts and bumps. Jeremy has cracked her ribs. held a gun to her head a knife to her throat. Jeremy has also had 3 duis. Jeremy is emotionally and mentally abusive as well. Jeremy has a several affairs and when my friend found out about the last one and was tired of it jeremy moved out but not before he and his new gf destroyed my friends car so that it is not usable. Jeremy did not even visit his sick child in the hospital. My friend has tried doing everything legally so Jeremy broke into her home and assaulted her causing their oldest child to call the police and jeremy was arrested. My friend tried to do everything legally and the correct way even filing a restraining order but this is only a piece of paper to jeremy and he keeps breaking it, Jeremy has once again broke into my friends house stealing all her jewelry. destroyed a lot of her clothes shoes bed put holes in the wall of her house. She calls the police they do nothing

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By Ronald

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