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This is about a man named peter smith who had 3 beautiful children and a beautiful wife. Married 16 years. Back in 2011 he chose to start betraying his wife. They had just had their 3rd child and his wife just started going to college. They had many years of her accommoding his work schedule and she always stayed home with the children while he worked these crazy hours. I forgot to mention that they have a daughter with special needs and requires 24 hour care. Needless to say there have been lots of struggling, sacrifice, and financial strain on their marriage and their life. Every time his faithful wife tried to get a job he ended up insisting that she quit because he can’t adjust he schedule for her work needs. He said it’s best for the family. She just wanted what’s best for her family so she quit jobs,lost friends, and basically sacrificed everything for him and her children. She noticed that he would have oddly late nights throughout the years and and she would check his computer and phone when she felt she was being lied to. Her gut instinct was always right. She found port sites and port dating sites all over his stuff in and off throughout years. || He would deny it until it was right in his face. She would try to fog I’ve and move on but by 2011 he was acting really distant amd different. He seemed aleays be lying. Being with someone for so long u know when they’re lying. Her doubts were confirmed. She found the porn dating sites and more. She started reading texts in his phone that came from other women. The first woman he was caught with was named michele pillecure. The texts read alot about missing her and how much fun they had then there eete other texts from people asking to meet up and bring condoms and sometimes the texts said that he could have a threes one for 260 dollars. His is wife contact her and every other number in his phone. Only two replied back with a text saying that they don’t know her husband. He would beg for her forgiveness when he got caught. Unfortunately, he kept getting caught. Every time he promised to end these relationships and stop looking at porn date sites,he would get caught still doing it all. Except now he would have secret emails and hide these whores numbers in his phone. They even tried marriage counseling, two times, and both times he was lying and saying the he’s not cheating and he still was because his wife found the evidence through his phone and emails. He had another whore sending him naked pictures. He met her in Georgia. Never did get her name,bit every week weekend, he would say he had to work and was in Georgia. I guess I forgot to mention that his job is one that has him on the road sometimes. He is a lighting director so he gets to meet all sorts of whore groupies amd roadies… while all this was going on he was kissing amd hugging his wife and kids. He was never home,he would come home to sleep and leave again and of course kiss his wife and kids and say he lived them while they sat at home. They missed out on alot throughout the years. Mainly because the oldest child is severely disabled and it is very had for my friend to go anywhere alone with three children, one of which in a wheelchair and who cannot walk or talk or do anything on her own.every hospital stay she was there, not him. Every illness, every tear,every financial devistation, she was there. In 2011 he started touring with bigger bamds. His first tour had him gone for 3 month. He still kept in touch with his family but he was lying the entire time about what he did on the road. Niw his wife is seeing pictures of his tour roadies and hooked amd of him all over internet. Once again,they tried to work it out. She even eventually had sex with him again only to get an std… a few more small tours and many lies. He’s spending 800 dollars some nights at strip clubs. While his family sits at home with bare minimum of everything. He forgot that his wife still had access to the on line banking statement. Now he is currently with this whore, hobland. He met her on one of his tours. They worked together. I forgot to mention that the last year he doesn’t live at home but sure as hell will call outta no where to stay there sometimes. He is now making good money and I guess he has found his success that he always wanted,unfortunately, it was at the cost of his wife and kids. As mentioned, he has been gone most of the year and he never calls his children and avoids his wife at all costs. He still lies about everything. All that money he makes goes to whores like jenny jabber jaws hobland and alcohol. He has withdrawn himself almost entirely from his family. Whores, pussy,alcohol, sex and drugs are more important now. Hobland is one whore that is the mist contacted and he even goes to stay with her in Nashville whole his kids are here crying and calling and missin their father. The youngest child is acting out and his wife struggles every single day. He has basically abandoned them emotionally and physically. When he does stop in which is a day here or a week there, he is either sleeping, on his phone, drinking over a 12 pack of beer a night and if he isn’t sitting on couch on his phone he is hiding in bathroom for hours. His wife,which if u haven’t realized by now, is my friend, my best friend. I have been with her through all of this. Watching her cry and stress. Watching her struggle because she now has 3 children to raise and provide for and she has built her entire life around him which makes this entire thing very difficult. Due to my work schedule I cannot help her as much as I would like and as much as she needs. Shr is a rockstar though. Best mother, best friend, phenomenal woman. Admittedly, shr may have lost herself trying to be everything her family needed. She has sacrificed herself,her goals,dreams, and so much more for her husband and her children. She was there when they had nothing. She was there for him through it all. He never had to worry about his kids or bills or anything. She did it all and still does. Yet, he continues to lie to her, criticize her,belittle her, and watch her squirm and worry about everything. He also still tries to control everything in that house and he has basically walked away. One more thing, peter is an alcoholic and is a pill popper. He has battled addiction for many years. Alcohol,pills ,and now sex have literally taken his family. He has chosen that. How this whore hobland can live with herself know that he has abandoned his family and that children are crying missing their daddy but yet he has time her and other hookerrs. Hope she doesn’t think she is the only one. How can woman live with herself knowing that she is part of devistating and d breaking up a family and she is part of the reason 3 children cry and are heart broken. Also she is enabling his addiction he could end up dead. Jenny lobland. Ur onky temporary. He still lies about u. You and every other whore are feeding his addiction not his heart and soul. You actually making his heart and soul darker and empty. You and every other whore he uses. U will never be part of his real family. Karma is a bitch. I hope it starts with hobland and peter and others being exposed. Thank you for this chance to expose them.

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