Jennifer Watters – Peoria, Illinois Illinois


Back in 2013 I felt something is wrong with my husband. His behavior was strange and I noticed a woman named Jennifer Watters on his Facebook I questioned him about her and he denied anything. One night after he fell asleep I took his keys went into his truck and found that he had a second cell phone that he shared with her. On that Cell Phone nearest pictures of drugs that she had sent him information about their group sex acts and that they were going to swingers clubs. My husband and I reconciled and he stopped everything with her. Earlier this summer his behavior started becoming strange again he wasn’t coming home at night I question him and he stated he was staying at friends house because there was tension between us. I just recently found her number when she made a false report against me to the police. I text her and called her trying to confront her and find out what the truth was. She had a restraining order put against me today I went in front of the judge with my lawyer to appeal this silly order. She told the judge that my husband was her boyfriend and that they live together and that their together all the time. She was gloating to the judge about her relationship with him and being with a married man it made me sick. Everyone should know who this person is because everyone should protect their husbands against her

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By Ronald

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