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I started dating Dean a few months after I divorced my ex-husband. I really fell for his lines about how he really cared about me and that I deserved to be treated like a queen, etc. At first he seemed great. He took me places, we had fun but then he started to become controlling. He resented me spending time with my friends. He wanted everything I did to be all about him. || I tried to make it work because I honestly thought he was a good guy. We had been dating for over a year when one day he was over at my house and his cell phone rang and he walked outside to take the call. I thought that was a little odd but didn’t think much about it. I mentioned this to one of my friends and she was like”girl, you need to check into that. it’s classic cheating behavior. || She told me about a website that will track someone’s phone, texts, phone calls, etc. She had used it when her ex cheated on her. I laughed it off and said no way. Then about a week later, he suddenly had to go out of town for the weekend. A family get together but I wasn’t invited. This was a first. He had always included me in anything to do with his family before. He came over the night before he was supposed to leave and fell asleep on the couch after dinner. His cell phone was lying on the table and it went off with a text from Jenn saying”how much longer will you be baby?” I was pissed. I remembered the website my friend talked about and took his phone logged into the website paid with my credit card and activated the tracking features. took maybe 5 minutes total. I laid his phone exactly back where he had put it. As soon as he woke up and left I went to my computer and it worked! I had all of his phone calls, texts, locations, etc. right there. He immediately went to an address that I looked up and found it to be Jenn’s or Jennifer. I also accessed his phone call to her after he left my house. I found out who”Jenn” was, I actually knew the bitch. Her kids knew my kids and I know she knew me and knew I was dating Dean. || She went after him anyway. I just want everyone in my town to be aware of this whore. She will be after more taken men I am sure. Her track record tells her story. She’s only ever been involved with other women’s men (husbands or boyfriends) She can’t find a man of her own. || I called her and told her should could have Dean with his monkey face. I can’t believe I ever even felt anything for him. I then texted Dean (he wasn’t worth a phone call) and told him to never show his monkey face around me again. To me, they are both pieces of crap. Now I know why his first wife divorced him. He’s a two-faced wimp. Oh, and I included a pic of his stupid monkey face too.

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By Ronald

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