Jennifer Stowe (Scott) Tennessee Tennessee


After two children together in eight years of marriage, I discovered my husband had received multiple e-mails from this married woman, with two children of her own who lives half a mile away from me. Half the e-mail photos were of her smiling naked in the mirror. The others were close-ups of her nasty looking vagina. One of them included the caption,”it’s smiling”. When I confronted her she denied it even after I sent her copies of the pictures and to her husband.. She ultimately confessed to only having lunch with my husband and that she must have been drunk when she sent the pictures, even though they were sent over the time period of a year. || Fast Forward a year. I am divorced now, she some how convinced her husband to stay with her. I see her from time to time at the store. Our last encounter was this past Saturday when she purposely walked down the aisle I was in, needed nothing from that aisle. When I looked at her and said”This must be awkward” her response was”not for me, I still have my family”. So not only is she a skank, she has no remorse for any of the things she has done.

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By Ronald

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