Jennifer Sexton – Facebook Tough Girl/Liar/Manipulator/Scammer/Child Abuser/ Theif/Bully/Violent Maryland


Jennifer Sexton meth user, multiple partners in and out of her one-room shack with two little children. She has eight children and only has two. A little baby about 8 months old, and a 5-year-old. Eyewitness accounts say her residence is a party hang out all hours of the night. Meth, heroin, pepsi, crack, you name it. Dirty needles laying around, baby even picked one up. Jennifer Sexton blows the meth smoke in her babies face. She had 5 children taken away in Seattle Washington for severe child abuse, abuse that landed one child in the hospital. She thrives off taking men from other women and will do anything to keep them including feeding them drugs all day every day. When they want to leave she will threaten them and become violent. She has been known to press charges on men saying they assaulted her, robbed her, abused her, hurt her children, even raped her. This b1tch needs to be stopped! This is sick sh1t!

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By Ronald

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