Jennifer Rutledge Mcallen, Texas Texas


My husband started with her the day I gave birth to our daughter and shortly after working together he befriended her. He says because everybody made fun of her for being fat and ugly and weird. There’s a reason she doesn’t make friends easy, she’s a manipulative homewrecking whore. The First time she put the moves on him he tried to refuse but she insisted that she was so hot for him so she gave him a blow job, since then I’m pretty sure this has been a pretty common occurrence. || A mutual friend recently told me their big secret and I confronted them both. They denied at first and both lied to my face saying that I was the crazy one and that I had nothing to worry about. However text messages and emails between them in addition to admissions from my husband proved otherwise. She still insists that she’s backed off however she just texted him last night to meet at a bar.

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By Ronald

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