Jennifer Rowlett – Ex Friend from Hell Kentucky


This two faced hommie hopper has been in and out of my life for pretty much a decade and a half no I didnt want her to be she just feels like she can be.We were pretty good friends as teens until she stabbed me in the back and satrted screwing my ex.Not thinking right we were teens partying care free I thought Id get back at her by screwing her ex but gotten preggers.My ex and now both her exs are and have been best friends since elementary.I was wrong for doing so since there was not any feelings between the father and myself I stepped away but continued to have him co parent with me.Jennifer she wouldnt stop there she bonced back and fourth between these two men.Sucking and fuking anyone else along the way.Which tore these two friends a part.She then became preagnet and suprise suprise didnt bknow and didnt care who the father was so this was in 1999 she kept assuring both ex friends they were the father until I was told by my exs wife of 9 years they them selves had to do a dna test in 2013.See how ruthless and nasty this slore is?She didnt even care about her child enough to see who the father was,she only cares about her own slootish needs and wants.She is married now she is still fuking and sucking any man married or not.So please keep your boyfriends and husbands under lock in key

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By Ronald

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