Jennifer Pendergast Burlington Vermont


Complaint: Jennifer Pendergast is a HIV POSITIVE prostitute who solicits clients through Craig’s List, Landmark Education and a variety of groups and organizations. She is untreated borderline personality disorder/bipolar and has had several men arrested, including one in Salida, Colorado who lost his job, after she provoked them with violence and then played victim with the police. She became a police informant in Boulder, Colorado in 2007 until 2008 when they discovered she was HIV positive. Detective O’brian at the Boulder Vice squad still has a file on her. She moved to Santa Barbara where she started importing ayescua, an illegal drug, from Peru and f**king dozens of men in exchange for money, cocaine and meth. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is highly contagious with HIV though she looks okay (most of the time.) She is totally f**king insane and should be avoided at all costs.

Tags: Prostitutes

Address: somewhere in los angeles Los Angeles, California United States of America

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