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My husband who was in Anchorage for work met this bitch, a 28 year old mom of 3 kids, which 2 don’t live with her, for whatever reason and one she always dumped on a babysitter when she would go screw my husband. She’s a f**king sociopath and a pathological liar…I only say that because when I confronted her about the bullshit her and my husband put me through she would lie about the dumbest shit. Then when their affair came to light and what extent it was, she had the f**king nerve to message me on Facebook and say”sorry, I didn’t know”… yet there were recent pictures posted of us all over his Facebook and she has her f**king friend talk shit to me saying to leave her and my husband alone…I can’t even explain how tempted I was to drive 7 hours and start beating the shit out these girls and my husband. || Then when he came back home..which is 7 hours away from anchorage they continued their texting relationship which when I found out I was f**king furious and called her. Her punk ass didn’t pick up the phone but she sent me a text message, I asked her why are you talking to him and she said”because he texted me”…bitch what the f**k happened to that”truly sorry”??? || After my husband said he wanted to work things out and I was about to leave and go back to my literally papers on the table and bag packed. Jennifer kept feeling the need to want a relationship with him and even after speaking to me on more than once occasion and telling her”we are very married” she still spread her legs. Not only has it happened to me but to another woman whose name I don’t know. She has a couple of notches on her belt and apparently married men are her”thing”. I hope she gets a f**king wake up call for the bullshit she helps cause.

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By Ronald

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