Jennifer (Last name unknown) (Anna Steele on FB) Florida Florida


This dumb bitch will latch herself onto any man who has money and nice things. She is a straight gold digger! Her name is Jennifer but goes by Anna Steele on Facebook. Theres no way she would ever be the lead in 50 Shades of Gray. || Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and five months. He is a father of three little girls ages 13, 8, and 4 that we currently raise together. I myself have no children but his three are like my own. This girl knows that we are together and still insists on contacting my boyfriend through text messages and Facebook messenger. She keeps telling him that shes so much better than I am and that she could give him what I cant. She sends pictures of herself non stop with captions like”you dont know what you’re missing” and”go on and keep wondering what could have been” The girl works for a web model/porn company. I’ve heard that she has passed herself around the car scene in Orlando and Tampa Bay and I wouldn’t put it past her. || In my boyfriends defense he tells her right in front of me that she’s desperate and trying to get with the wrong man. He has told her that while she is attractive she lacks beauty within because she is so immature and has a terrible attitude. Even though he tells her these things she does not give up. Please ladies be warned….

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By Ronald

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