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I found my dumb sob husband’s computer left on and open to his messaging page. Thank you facebook another marriage ruined! As I’ve read on so many exposures, this could be a new record. Well same old story. They found each other and had to friend each other (isn’t that so sweet) and poke each other, only literally!!! Poke poke smiley face, oh you were cute in school. Lol lol. You were too hot for me back then lol lol. Give me a break!!! || They planned a meeting at a bar (removed) and she chickened out the first time. Guess she got a guilty conscience. But oh boy she made the next, and the next after that they were f**king like rabbits!!!! She has enough kids and so does he. Most he doesn’t take care of so thank the Lord they didn’t make another. || Well bitch you can have him.I don’t want him. He shits himself regularly due to iliac disease and crohn’s. He pisses himself when he gets good and drunk but you must already know that. And honestly his 3″ just don’t cut it for me anyway so have it.

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