Jennifer Hobart – Carthage, New York New York


Jen is a trashy slore who had an affair with my husband for 4 months and after he ended it continued to try to flirt and keep the affair going. She could not just let him go even tho she has a husband and 2 kids of her own. This is also not the first time she has cheated as she admitted to it to my husband and others have told me of multiple affairs she has had with men and women. Jen is a slore my husband was her boss and preyed on him when he confided in her as a friend about our marriage issues. They both are wrong for cheating but she is the one who couldn’t let him go. He ended the affair in February when I found out yet she continued to be flirty with him at work and get mad when I would send him gifts to work for holidays or his birthday. In April (2 months after he ended it) on his bday she gave him a card with 31 lottery tickets that said 31 chances to get lucky on your birthday and a bouquet of blow pops saying 31 blows for your birthday what a great girl… and she knew he wanted to stay with me and be done with her crazy ways. Finally he realized he could not talk to her or be nice or have anything to do with her he only would speak to her for work reasons he realizes she was nothing he would have ever been happy with and realized how much he loved me and not her, that she was just something to make him feel good when we were at our worst in our relationship but in the end he wanted his family me and our 3 kids. This pissed her off that he chose me and saw her for what she is a skanky slut who only cares about herself and is materialistic and all around not a good person. She did not like my husband not talking to her or not being friendly to her so she went to his boss and complained and ended up getting me fired from my job because she did not like me working there even tho I never said anything to her and then got him fired. All out of pettyness. I’m glad everyone found out who and what she really is. But if you don’t want to lose your job and your life ruined stay away from this skank. And now she is crying that everyone knows, as is looking at her like the slut she is… well you should not have slept with a married man and then get all upset when you were thrown out like the trash you are. What goes around comes around hunny and this is all true I have all the texts emails dirty pictures gifts all of it…

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