Jennifer Fillingane-Jordan Mississippi Mississippi


She started dating my husband while we were still married. She stalked me on facebook and harassed me while my dad was dying and messaged me. She threatened to come to my mother’s house, where I went when he became physically abusive. She got pregnant with twins with my my husband as well. She put a restraining order on my son and destroyed his relationship with his dad. We were married 25 years before this. || She was a previous pill addict and previously married. She prefers older men however, she has a daddy complex. He is now 53, she is 33- the age of his older daughter. Just because she took my husband, doesn’t mean she is not still out to find others with more financial stability. She currently lives in (removed) in Hattiesburg MS. She does not work, and is getting food stamps by fraud. Her current interest is (removed), a painter in the Oak Grove-Hattiesburg area, who is known for stealing from his clients and his own son. He is wanted for back child support, IRS fraud, suspended license and grand larceny.

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By Ronald

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