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Dearest Jennifer aka Ashley aka Jenny, I know the type of scum that you are and hopefully your family and friends will know now too. I hope you didn’t think that by pretending to be nice to me and reassuring me that you’d never contact my significant other ever again…that it would lead you to believe that I would stay quiet and shrug it off. It shouldn’t of had to come from him multiple times to leave him alone, but you being the sad insisted and insisted and much that this idiot wasn’t smart enough to delete all the messages or better yet you couldn’t get the hint when he told you he was coming to see his family. || It’s one thing to try and win a guy over when it’s just him, but when there is family must live a sad, pathetic life that you conformed to being a part time or when he finds time…Lucky for two never met because your low self esteem and the double cheese burgers you carry in your chin and the extra large pizzas that seem to have of never made it out your rear end that they decided to call your gigantic muffin top a home never allowed the meeting between you two to happen. || Temporarily you may have won in the fact that you brought unease to my heart, but in the end I have what you can only dream of and you? You can only eat so much. Have some self worth and respect so maybe then you wouldn’t have to beg a taken man for the attention and love you desire. I can now see why they say everything is BIGGER in Texas!

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By Ronald

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