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My husband met this female through a friend of his that she was dating. When my husband met her she was working for a temp agency and told him to submit his application and she could get him employment. My husband waited about six months or so before submitting his application, when he did she took his phone number from his application and started calling him and sending him text messages trying to get together with him. She told him that if he would meet with her she would be able to get him a job. My husband met with her outside the office and she pursued him after that. Jennifer knew that he is a married man but did not seem to care. She continued to send him inappropriate text messages suggesting sexual encounters or possible sexual encounters. My husband told her to stop texting him but she continued. She did finally get him employment and two days later he was fired because he would not get together with her. Shortly after he was terminated she was also terminated for having inappropriate contact with possible employees. My husband was not the only male she contacted as I later found out. || After my husband was terminated, he cut off all contact with Jennifer until November, 2013. When she again contacted him in hopes of getting together with him. Jennifer knew that my husband and I were having problems in our marriage and she played on that to him. She offered a shoulder to cry on, so to speak. I contact her myself and told her to leave my husband alone to stop calling and sending text messages to him. After my call to her she started sending my husband inappropriate photo messages. I again contacted her and she told me that she would call or text my husband any time she felt like it and continued to do so. In December, 2013, she told my husband that she met someone else and to go back to his wife so my husband proceeded to go drink and got drunk that night. When my husband came home from the bar that night, I had the bedroom door locked and refused to let him in the room as he had told me before he left for the bar that he wanted a divorce, so when I went to bed that night I locked the bedroom door. When he came home he attempted to bust the door down and I called the police and he then went to jail for domestic violence because I was scared to death of him that night. When he came home from jail he changed his phone number so that Jennifer would not be able to contact him. || In February, 2014, she got his phone number from my husbands brother and proceeded to start calling and sending text messages to him while still involved with another man. I called her again and she stopped this time until May 23, 2014, in which she called him from her new place of employment twice and then sent him text messages in which he responded to and in turn created problems for us again. I left my husband on May 23, 2014 and went to stay with my daughter. That evening, I received a text message from my husbands phone number with a threat to kill me, I feared for my life and in turn had him arrested again. One week later my daughter and I found out that Jennifer lives just five houses down from my daughter. One week after that Jennifer shows up at my daughters house and accused my daughter of having an affair with my husband, Jennifer did not know she was my daughter as we do not look anything alike. My daughter told Jennifer that he is her stepfather and Jennifer demanded to know where my husband went because she watched his truck leave. My daughter told her that my husband is still sitting in jail because of a text message threat he made against her mother. Jennifer proceeded to tell my daughter that Jennifer sent that message because she wants my husband to come back to her and leave me for good so they can be together although Jennifer is currently living with another man. || As of today, June 17, 2014, my husband is still currently sitting in jail because of the text message this bitch sent and made it look like it came from my husband. I even went and downloaded his call records to show to his attorney and the prosecutor that the message didn’t come home his phone although the day I got the message and for two weeks after I did believe that it did. I no longer believe my husband sent me the message but that Jennifer did although we are not able to prove that she did. || I want to have her exposed as the homewrecker that she is and to let all the married in Lorain County to know who she is.

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