Jennifer AKA Mandi Stafford Of DigitalThreadz Las Vegas Nevada Review


Jennifer AKA Mandi Stafford wrote a rebuttle CLAIMING that she’d be willing to make things right, etc. Jennifer NEVER even tried to contact me after the first time an email was sent to me under Jennifer’s other alias, Mandi. nAll she did was write to me the first time playing DUMB, asked, “You sent a check? When was it sent? You’d better phone your bank to make sure it hasn’t been cashed. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can find out more.”” All this “”Jennifer”” person did was cash my $68

stuff it in her greedy pocket and NEVER sent my merchandise. nAfter her false post

I sent an email to ALL three of her addresses clearly stating that I had to purchase the SAME item from a different company and that I prefer to have my money refunded. nShe NEVER bothered to respond!!!! All she likes to do is sit on her lying

greedy behind and rip people off! nA member of the media was ready and willing to do a report about Digital Threadz since NUMEROUS scams have been operating from League City but like the BBB and Consumer Protection

his people also found that Mandi/Jennifer had moved out of the LOW paying home they were operating their scam from. If Jennifer wasn’t lying

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By Ronald

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