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We reserve the room three months in advance for our wedding night and the night before our wedding. We confirmed two weeks before our stay at Jenner Inn, and everything was good. After our wedding ceremony as I went to carry my bride through the threshold of our room that we had already been checked into, to our surprise all of our belongings were gone and in place of our stuff were somebody else’s belongings. Trying to stay calm we went to the front desk of the Inn to seek an answer. The Jenner Inn double booked us and had removed our belongings without contacting us. Jenner and decided to move us out on our wedding night and move another couple into our room. Leaving us stranded with no place to stay on our wedding night, 4 hours away from where we live. With nothing but a gift certificate for one night and a replacement room an hour away from where our entire family was staying for our wedding, which left us with a two hour commute to dinner with our wedding party. With our anniversary around the corner, we decided to use our gift certificate and give them one more chance to make up the for the disaster that happened on our wedding night. Again we had reserved a room three months in advance and had confirmation from Richard Murphy himself who is the owner, telling us that we are confirmed for our stay. Then I receive a message from Richard Murphy one week before are confirmed stay at the Jenner in telling us that he had decided not to honor our gift certificate. Keep in mind we had already planned or work schedule and the rest of our vacation around our planned stay at Jenner. We had thought that maybe he forgot about our situation that happened on our wedding night, causing the issuance of our gift certificate and also reminded him that it was to be our anniversary. To our surprise, he did know about our situation and showed no empathy or compassion. Richard Murphy decided to stand by his decision and leave us yet again with no place to stay on our anniversary, with only three days before our confirmed stay. My wife and I just cannot believe the ridiculous actions and the audacity of the Jenner Inn, owner Richard Murphy and employees. If I could give you any advice, it would be to stay as far away from this hotel as possible and to spread the word to your friends and family never to stay at this establishment. .

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