Jenn Jones – Owensboro, Kentucky Kentucky


My husband and I have been married for two years, well I have had issues with this girl before, I’ve caught him e-mailing her asking for her number and viscera. One night me and my husband and a few friends go out to a bar cause they wanted to play pool, well when we walk into the bar I see her twin sister sitting at the bar and we walk to the back room so they boys can play pool. He had had quite a bit to drink that night and every time we passed her she would stare at him or say something to her sister about him, how he was acting like he didn’t know her cause I was there with him, but had he been there alone he would have talked to her. So as were leaving the bar im already outside waiting for them its 2:00 am and I see my husband and his friends walk out who are all drunk, then not long Jenn and her sister walk out of the bar as I’m getting into the car I hear someone say something about him and she goes I don’t want him then laughed as to I responded you cant have him sweetie his mine!!! || Well we take his friends home expect for one as were taking him to a friends house I see that his talking to someone on Facebook and when I look I see her name on his phone at 2:30 in the morning!!! I ask him who it was he lies and say a friend I tell him I saw her name pop up and he lies to my face no it wasn’t her and I say then let me see your phone and see who it was!!! he wouldn’t let me he yanked the phone away from me, so we drop his friend off and go home the whole drive home he was messaging her. She said messaged him first saying hey sexy!! as to he responds”you’ll get me into trouble lol” I know this cause after I found out I confronted her about it and she sent me a screenshot of some of there conversation. He tells her he wishes they could have hung out at the bar, she says well if you can ever get away from your wife!! and she tells him that she thinks about him a lot and he then tells her that he thinks about her too sometimes!!! Even after all that he still acted like nothing happened they may not have messed around, but she still came on to my husband and she knew that we were married!!!! So please ladies don’t let your husbands around Jenn Jones she’s nothing but a home wrecker and she has flat out told me that she has messed around with married men before because they came to her for sex!!!

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By Ronald

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