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My husband met this woman when he started a new job. They hit it off and were friends. They traded a handful of texts and I was trusting. The amount of the texts gradually increased. Right around our anniversary and our sons bday the frequency exploded. A few weeks later she convinced him to meet her after work when he was supposed to be going out with friends. That night they shared their first kiss. He is not innocent by any sense of the word. He is a weak miserable man. But he did try to pull away. Somehow she lured him back. She convinced him to meet her while I was out of town and again he was supposed to be meeting a friend. The physicality of the relationship increased from there. They traded love you’s, miss you’s, and vulgar sexual texts. Many occurred while he was with me. She contacted him 3x for each of his 1. || She targeted my man knowing he was married and had a child. She even introduced herself to me. Shook my hand and met my son. An event unrelated to the affair raised my suspicions and I uncovered everything. I confronted both of them. She claims to not be a homewrecker. She swore on her child’s life it was nothing physical. This woman has issues to care so little about her own child and family. My husband is guilty too. He’ll get what’s coming to him.

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By Ronald

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