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Complaint: On 4-17-04 I received a letter from Jenkins Chrysler South that included a scratch-off numbers game card. The letter said that if you scratched off the two sets of numbers and they matched you won either 1.) an X-Box or Playstation II system 2.) 54″ Riding lawn mower 3.)$1000.00 shopping spree or 4.) a 60 inch widescreen color TV. The letter further stated all you had to do was go to the dealership on one of four specified days and you could claim your prize. I took my scratch-off card with the set of matching winning numbers to the dealership on Thursday

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Address: May 20th. at 9am and when I arrivied there were approx. five other people waiting who had the same winning ticket number that I had. We were then approached by a salesman who said that we were all to go home that the printing company made a mistake and printed winning numbers on all of the tickets. He even went as far as to say that even he received a winning ticket in the mail (should he even be eligable to play?). My self and several others then mentioned the word fraud and he walked away from us

Website: or 4 anywhere to be found but there was a stack of the shopping spree prizes

Phone: as we all stood there in dis-belief a female salesperson approached us and asked us if we were there to claim our prizes and we then told her what the other gentleman said and she stated that he was wrong and that we could claim our prizes. She then took us to the prize area which did not have prizes numbered 1

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