Jen Wagner Palm Springs Florida


Complaint: Jen Wagner – dog breeder @ Color Me Bad Bulldogs in Mystic, CT and her breeding partner Don Edwards @ Blackgold Bulldogs in GA fraudulently registered their Olde English Bulldogges with AKC to sell them as English Bulldogs when they should have been registered IOEBA Olde English Bulldogge. Devil Anse was produced from Jen’s****.> This report is not about being a hater or jealousy it is all about the disgust for lying people who claim to be honest and breed for the better good. This scam is all about the greed in the minds of the breeders who think fraud and deception is alright. It’s not about bettering the breed like they want you to think it’s only about bettering themselves. There will come a time soon that their circle of friends and squad teams will break apart and all trust will be lost. What goes around comes around . KIAB !

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Mystic, Connecticut USA


Phone: 1-860-235-7455

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By Ronald

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