Jekins Chihuahua and Atlas Transporters


We found this website selling teacup Chihuahua with pretty markings. We tried calling number on add but when u call it just says you reached a friend. We received an email with one story that she was in an accident and then another email that her mother died and that’s why she had to get rid of them and the puppy was free just had to pay shipping. We received an email about 10 mins later the dog was at the shipping place and to follow the website instructions. The website says they can’t do cards or bank accounts can only do wire transfers and then some guy out of Georgia called and said same thing but needs to go to the individual listed on email. When I google the shipping place a completely different website and phone # is different. When do research on the person selling the puppy address is for Safeway in Honolulu. I wasn’t able to attach whole email or pictures

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By Ronald

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