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Avoid Jeffrey Phillip / Jeff Phillips / Daddys Market / Daddy Market / 561-289-0033 at any and all costs. This person exhibits sociopathic / psychopathic / paranoid tendencies and he had the audacity to cal the FBI on yours truly. THE REAL FBI. who does that? I have never met this person. EVER. I had cold called this individual for my former work. He would be very nice and pleasant on one phone call then literally paranoid the next moment. I hate to call him out or anyone else out for that matter. This is not my nature. I handle my own problems. But what he has done cannot be explained nor forgiven. I have kids. I am a grown man. I am broke. Jeffrey Phillip(s) took it upon himself to bare false witness against myself and someone else for ? reason- _____________ insert here Jeff. only you know why. Go ahead and reply Jeff- reply and tell the world why you want to ruin my life with false accusations – remember – I have never met this person… EVER! I am in no position to legally defend myself against such a bizarre and outrageous claim. Thanks, Jeff. BRAVO! ________________ If the police in Palm Beach Florida or the REAL FBI want to catch some criminals, all they probably would have to do is call his phone carrier and ask for 6 months worth of phone records. Jeff, this is the part where I would like you to explain to the world why you bore false witness against me and someone else? What do you stand to gain? What was your goal? I cannot forgive you. I can only warn others that you are probably mentally unstable in some regard. Feel free to rebut anything Ive said. I hope that I can afford to civilly sue you some day. Jeff is not 13. his is not 21. he is a grown man calling the FBI, I still can’t believe that this is true while I am typing this, a grown man making false accusations. Shame on you… with Federal Authorities… ??? I am curious, if he has done such a thing to others? Feel free to contact me. I would like to hear your story just incase I need backup. .

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