Jeff Barnes Boca rayon attorney Dunnellon Florida


Complaint: This guy Jeff Barnes attorney out of Boca Raton really conned us big time. He lost at every phase. He was never available, never showed up for court. Drafted the poorest defenses. Over charged, did the worst job and took future funds/ pledged land to cove future legal cost. He is a very dishonest man in our opinion. If you hire him he will attack you, if you confront him. He will threaten to call your bankruptcy judge and claim that you are commiting bankruptcy fraud. He will also threaten to call the Attorney General and have you arrested on trumped up charges. What’s worse is that he promises to call any new attorney you hire and tell him that you are dishonest and should not get involved. He claims that he has many friends at the AGs office because he worked for them. Don’t let Jeff Barnes scare you. We are asking the fla bar to disbar him. And we are demanding our money and our property back.

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