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Meet Jeannie McClintock Flowers from Diboll, Texas. Jeannie enjoys sneaking around, chatting and masturbating online, sending nude pictures, and screwing her MARRIED exes! Ladies, lock your men up because she doesn’t care if they are married and is willing to break up a family to get that d!ck!! Jeannie is a mother herself but that didn’t stop her from screwing my husband. Yes, she knew he was married. We have been together for 24 years, living together 22, and married for 17. We all still live in the small town area that we always have. So yea, this little homewrecking sl*t knew he was married but she didn’t care. She’s divorced (imagine that) but still screws her ex according to my husband. Trash! Jeannie is a mother but she wasn’t thinking about that while she had her legs spread open for my husband did she? It started in January and I found out in August. I certainly know she is not the only one to blame but she let it go on, and on, and on. Jeannie works at the West Loop Animal Clinic in Lufkin if she looks familiar to you. She was down for whenever apparently. Late at night after I went to sleep, after I went to work in evenings. My husband was nice enough to call and ask if I wanted him to being me food to work on his way home from screwing her. So sweet. I haven’t confronted her because I think I would probably kill her. I actually found this site as a favorite on FB profile. What a coincidence!! I hope this whore gets what’s coming to her. I am sad that she won’t answer my calls or texts or respond to my friend request on FB since we share the same interests, like my husband. So rude. Karma will take care of her if I don’t. I hope Jeannie rots in hell.

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