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My fiance and boyfriend of 3 years was getting distant, no sex, he claimed it was work. One day in October 2014, while we are driving and he is holding his phone, and I am looking at him, a text from”John” comes up and he quickly puts it down and erases it. I asked him about it and he starts accusing me of looking through his phone, nasty. Couple of days later I call”John” and it is a woman. I hung up, asked him about it with the same result. I kind of suspected what was going on although he denied it. || I finally caught him when he left his email open on tablet and up pops this pigs picture of her legs open. I traced his phone, and my heart broke in two when I saw the words”I want to lick the cum off your dick again” We were on vacation together. || I assumed she did not know about it, I have never been cheated on and would never do it. I sent her a picture. I was tracing things and the pig writes back” You EX is calling my number…. I don’t want any girl drama” He tells her he is moving and she texts him back” I will miss you, where are you moving I will go with you” || How desperate can a person be? He was asking her for pics all the time of any nasty thing and she would send them (I only saw a few). Used to be a hookers job. || My fiance is no better. He is kicked to the curb with this piece of nasty white trash and I hope they both die of AIDS.

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