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Complaint: First of all the company does not show you the price before you sign, nor do they let you test drive. I am paying 13,000 for a 1994 vehicle that has been involved in an accident before without them telling me. They call you about 60 times a day harrassing you about payment on their cars and often time I told them to come and get it if they want it. I was told that the price that was on the sticker was the blue book price which it wasn’t but hey that was what I was told. I was also told that I would be finished paying on this in two years it is almost 2 years and about 7500 to go. I would like to tell everyone about this scandalous place and please stay away! Isn’t it unlawful to say that the sticker price is blue book when clearly that is a lie? Milwaukee citizens has a class action against them and needs everyone to join the fight. They take advantage of good people trying to take care of themselves and their families while lining the pockets of their sales team. And I don’t need to be corrected I know that CNAC is the finance company not JD. Ron Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.

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Address: 9755 N. 76 St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.


Phone: 414-716-2622

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By Ronald

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