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Complaint: Jay was contracted to fixed the problems with my home. The floor in the bedroom had given way. This was due to a moisture leak that he did not find, causing mold. He ended up ripping up my bedroom, bathroom hallway, and dining room. This was two years ago. Since then, the tile in the bathroom tile cracked and had to be replaced. The job was done terribly. Tub fiitings not placed on properly, so not only did he not find the cause of the moisture, he added to it. Problems to numerous to list. Sheetrock is so wavy in the bedroom, it makes me nauseous to look at it. Left ceiling insulation where it came down under the bedroom floor. This has since gotten wet. Now, we have had the dining room floor to cave in. He not only did not do the job correctly, He replaced the old rotten joists back into the dining room, endangering our lives! Thousands of dollars and many tears later, we are still trying to get to get this repaired correctly. We are also still paying off loans on this nightmare. Thank God for our current contractor who takes pride in doing a job right the first time. Do not let this guy build a dog house or anything for you! He works for the fire department in Clinton, Ms. and does contracting on the side. He might be ok to rip up a floor or a wall in a burning building, but is a diaster to put anything back together correctly.!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 216 Kirkwood Dr. 39056, Mississippi United States of America

Website: Clinton, Ms


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