Jay Lynch – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


People call him “Jay” . He belongs in prison! Never ever make children with him! Its a real warning! He abusive and once you do he abuses you around the kids. Hes very mentally emotionally abusive. Puts you down. Never supportive wont be a partner. Never will pay his half for a date! He uses women for sex and has diseases! He kept making more children and is a real deadbeat. He refuses to even chip in for a bag of diapers, an outfit for his kids, refused to even feed his babys in middle the night nor during the day. He sleeps most of the day for years because hes up all night using crack cocaine. He is physically abusive to his kids moms and girlfriends. As well as mentally and emotionally. No joke. He wont change. Hes been this way for more than a decade. He goes back n forth to jail because he owes CS on the 1 child and has never in 4 years paid on the other 2. He physically hurt the one kid and tried to make his kids mom be a prosty. That didn’t work but how dare he! Hes a loser and uses woman for their cars and he damages their vehicles and never fixes it. He will go thru red lights and cause you to get tickets. Never pays for them. He is controlling and even though he dont want you he dont want you having anyone else, to move on. Hes a real piece of sh*t! He will attack a girlfriend and piss on them not for some kind of sexual thing but to be degrading and abusive.

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By Ronald

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