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www.fundingbyricky.com NOTICE: IF YOU SEE ANY ADS FOR HIGH LIMIT (20K+)CREDIT CARDS FOR SALEONLINE WITH NO CREDIT OR EMPLOYMENT CHECK USING CPN NUMBERS TO DEFRAUD MAJOR BANKS WITH FALSE APPLICATIONS IN YOUR NAME PLEASE CHECK Ripoff Scams JAY KAPLAN USED FUNDINGBYRICKY.com Disabled Veteran and dependent,and our reputation to sell his program and when we tried to get customer service from him he stopped communucating via email or telephone.We never recevied any funds from Jay Kaplan. We never collected money.He preyed on the disabled, single moms, start up home business entreoreneurs and more and veterans as well to futher his greed. If you hear of Jay Kaplan from Oregon run the other way and this is a discliamer and warning that stated on our website at the time the ads were being posted online, that fundingbyricky.com is not responsible for the actions of a third party referral. If a buyer conducts business and pays another company we have no control over same. We were hired as legitmate broker agents on commission and were never paid for any work done to promote his credit card funding program, Rest assured dont pay an upfront fee and you will be ok. we do not have any affiliation with CPN Numbers and were scammed byJay Kaplan who offers CPNs funding using credit cards, and we are not responsible for referrals. If people were not so desparate or greedy for money the scammers would not take advantage. Please check ripoffscams.com for people first. Jay Kaplan wasa PayPal(TM) VERIFIED Merchant and and LLC and had a LOCAL San Francisco Bay Area ADDRESS when he contacted fundingbyricky.com to sell his CPN program. We had never offered this before however he seemed legitimate and it was to help small business startups and he used fundingbyricky.com to acquire victims to his scam as few people got their $100 back. This was a fundraising vehicle for charity as well and fundingbyricky.com never processed any orders or accepted and money on behalf of Jay Kaplan LLC We would appreciate your patronage and do not recommend credit card funding unless you do it with a Better Business Bureau accredited company or business online or offline. We represent several BBB approved A+FIRMS AS WELL FOR NO UPFRONT FEE ON CREDIT CARD FUNDING AND YOU CAN USEA COSIGNER IF YOU HAVE BAD CREDIT THIS IS BUT ONE WAY TO RAISE MONEY IF YOU HAVE POOR OR NO CREDIT…THERE IS ALSO CROWD FUNDING SERVICES WHICH ARE OFFERED BY A BBB RATED A+ FIRM WE REPRESENT. THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT FUNDINGBYRICKY.COM SUPPORT CHARITY KIDS VETS SENIORS (see links to donate) See the New OPEN SKY(TM) SET YOUR OWN CREDIT LIMIT NO CREDIT CHECK CARDyou set your deposits from 200 to 3000 reports to all 3 credit reporting agencies website certified by Exquifax Ask about our Corp Credit Builder Any FICO sponsored by Experian Check your Credit Now to support charity at www.fundingbyricky.comfor your latest FICO(TM) Score – The one your legitimate alternative lenders and card funders and banks prefer, the FICO(TM) credit score! PLEASE CONTINUE SUPPORT FUNDINGBYRICKY.com for our charities as we were victims in this matter. We have published this notice on Craigslist.com and Backpage.com financial services to aleart people as well.

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