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My wife and I were high school sweet hearts and are married for 36 years. Everyone thought we were the perfect loving couple and so did I. She left me out of the blue with a phone call while she was on a business trip. She told me she had been seeing a councilor for several months and her they thought it would be best for her to move out. I was shocked and did not believe it. I quickly found a marriage councilor who had time for us the following week and she agreed to go with me. We continued to go to marriage counseling once a week for about four months. It was going extremely well and she would come home on weekends and things were almost normal. One day when we were suppose to go to marriage counseling she called to tell me she was going to a Yoga and meditation retreat for 10 days to get her head together. I thought it was a great idea and told her that this could be a turning point for us. It was but not in a good way. She did not go to a Yoga retreat. Her Boyfriend convinced her to go to Greece with him. I found this out months later when I talked to his wife (yes he was married). || His wife told me he moved out in December 2011 and my wife moved out in January 2012. When she was home for July 4th I found a prepaid cell phone under the bed with little text love notes back in fourth to each other. I told her I was going to start dating and I did. Once she found out I was dating she called and wanted to come home and said she just broke up with her boyfriend. For two weeks things were going well. She went out of town on business again and after pressing her she admitted she was still with him. She never broke up with him. I started dating again and was spending time with a wonderful gorgeous woman who knew the situation and was very compassionate and knew I wanted to save my marriage still. She is still a very good friend. At Christmas of 2012 my wife once again wanted to come back and I told my friend what was going on. She hoped that it worked out. Once again my wife never broke off her relationship. I heard her talking to her boyfriend behind a closed door Christmas night after we had a wonderful family holiday. She left the day after Christmas and moved in with him up in Charlotte NC. My wife has always struggled with anxiety and depression. When she hit menopause she had a severe Mid-life crisis and this parasite took advantage of the opportunity to seduce her.

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By Ronald

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