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This man had me so head over heels. He made me believe that his relationship with his”ex-fiance” was over and was just living there until he could find his own place. We went places together, talked and texted all the time and even slept together. Now this went on for months until one day I got a call from his fiance saying that they were still together and to back off. So I did and next thing I know he is emailing me cause she blocked my jumper from his phone telling me she is crazy and that they are NOT together. So I figured what could it hurt so I stayed around and continued our relationship. || A few months went by and one day I had not heard from him all day and then that turned into 2-3 days. I remember him telling me he was gonna leave so we could be together and I thought this is what happened and he just had to get settled until I seen a post on Facebook that this man was missing and his FIANCE and kids need him home. That’s when I realized I had gotten played. So I contacted her and told her everything and in the mean time he called a mutual friend of there’s and said he was in VA so we jumped into a car and road to meet him there. Of course he had some lame excuse as to why he did it so we left and that was that. || Well here it is 2 years later and he is trying to the same bullshit again with me and he also has 4-5 other women in VA believing he wants to be with them to and one of them is married and also has one in NJ married to that he is leading on. This man needs to be stopped and we ALl need to be aware of him and his games. He has 5 kids by 3 different women who he does not bother with. How many more kids is he gonna make that won’t have a dad around. Women BEWARE of Jason/Jayson Scott-Bey who lives in VA but travels back and forth from there to NJ. He will wreck you lives and leave you with nothing.

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By Ronald

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