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My roommate and I had a very lousy experience at Jasmine Tamarac, there were patch jobs all over the walls and bathroom door where damage had occurred, we have a bad infestation of roaches, and bedbugs that we never had before, black mold that occurred after our building had a very bad leak that got into the bathroom and pantry closet, our landlord did not believe us, so maintenance for Jasmine Tamarac came to check the areas and spray so much bleach over the area that we could not breathe, I had money stolen out of my purse and I am pretty sure that someone in maintenance stole it because they have a master key that allows them to enter any apartment at any time. The exterminator also has a master key, and on several occasions the exterminator unlocked our front door, and let himself in without being invited to do so, money stolen by the leasing office, our December rent was made by money orders, and someone in the leasing office stole both money orders and then insisted they never received the rent payment for December 2014. Jasmine Tamarac Investments LLC is now trying to sue my roommate and I for December’s rent that we already paid, they are also trying to evict my roommate and I. I am on Disability due to a severe illness and my roommate is my care taker. The landscaping in Jasmine Tamarac is very poor, there are cracks all over the parking lot, ant hills in every crack, the pool areas are poorly kept, there are no chairs, and the bathrooms by the pool are absolutely disgusting, and have not been maintained or cleaned in a very long time. .

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