Jasmine Smoothie World & Bubble Tea Review


I have to buy a shop to do Bubble Tea. I had signed a contract with Market Director & President Zhang Wei he, but in the course of business, he did not follow the contract, which before we signed.increase goods price with no reason. In the five-year contract,After a year my store got closing down , according to the contract I Should the return rest of the goods to him, and he should return to give me the goods the rest of the money and rest of the entry costs( Initial Franchise Fee) about $30000. According the contract , He should return these money to me within 10 day, But he is not, He does not want to pay my money back and avoiding all my calls,Do not to buy his stores “Jasmine Smoothie World & Bubble Tea””

He is not follow the contract

Also He has tax evasion

tax avoidance

tax dodging

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By Ronald

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