Jasmine Mendoza – Edinburg, Texas Texas


My husband and I have been married for 7 years and have 2 beautiful boys. We had separated for 2 months but we still talked and were good parents to our kids. When we decided to get back together, he told me he had met this slut at a bar and that she came on to him telling him that he was hot and so on. Of course him knowing that she was such a slut, they exchanged numbers. As time went on, he came back to me and he confessed to me all about her. Of course it hurt me but I tried it once again for our boys. This slut Jasmine, kept calling and or texting him even after he told her to stop! One night she called about 5 times until I answered his phone and she hung up. My husband’s friends have told me that she is always at clubs and bars trying to hook up with men while she has 5 children at home, and that she is known for that! She is a homewrecker!! My husband and I are working things out and she insists!!! She sent him these particular photos when shes at the clubs. He also said that the night he met her, she was wearing a small top showing off all her stretch marks on her stomach!! His words were that her stomach looked like a cat scratched her stomach up! Shes a slut that needs to be put in her own dog cage!

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By Ronald

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