Jarjenco Corporation Hamilton, Toronto Ontario


Complaint: Fraud by Edward Anthony, President of Jarjenco Corporation, office from Hamilton now in or was Toronto. Offers loan interest free of $50,000 against a million dollar life insurance policy, all premiums paid by jarjenco iis reason for million dollar policy as over years costs etc. Once life insurance approved, loan is to be given by direct deposit or transfer. Excuses after excuses when asked where money is, says everything from his mom in hospital to investors sent to wrong accounts to got to meet investors again to quotas must be met 1st before funds released to being diagnosed with heart condition. All this are excuses, transfers etc are by keyboard etc or have apparent lawyer send funds etc. Edward says all reports on web have been taken care of- It’s a lie they are not, all are real. 3748 dollars total this includes premium that was paid plus Edward’s fees. Policy of 2360 was to be added to $50,000 but in my case was to be added to interest free loan of $60,000 for my patients. If you get approached by Edward Anthony of jarjenco corporation ABSOLUTELY DON’T DO IT HE’S A GOOD TALKER or anyone offering a loan against insurance policy as Edward might have started new name up or using another party. IF YOU REALLY MONEY SAY OK BUT FOR THIS TO WORK ALL FEES WILL BE SECURED BY A LAWYER AND ONLY ANOTHER LAWYER. This will 100% scare them away unless it’s legit. This only way I’ll ever do something like this again, I’ll put all fees etc into a lawters hand.

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Address: Hamilton , Ontario | CA

Website: youtu.be/54FOqGHkr-Y


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