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This homewrecker was a customer at my husband, Jack’s place of employment. Then she briefly got a job there. When she left the job she sent him an email with her phone number to his work email. They started chatting through Facebook. May 1, 2014 is the first record I can find of it. And she would call the store, which is not allowed. Up until May 20, 2014 when I found a chat between them on Facebook, my husband had lead me to believe that everything was fine between us. She told him in chat that she didn’t want him to choose between her and me, because she knew she had a place in his heart. Told him it was cheaper to keep her. Wished he was there with her laying in bed face to face so they could talk in person. Told him they would figure something out. He told her it was worth losing everything for her. Said she started this mess and wouldn’t let him go through this alone. So, when I confronted him with the chat, he said he didn’t know what he wanted to do, thought he might want to pursue this relationship, said if it didn’t work between them then he made a big mistake… yet when I told him to go, all of a sudden they want to take things slow. He said if I filed for divorce now he will be homeless. I thought she said she would be there for him. Why would he be homeless if that was the case. What happened to her being worth losing everything? In the chat they wanted to be together. It makes no sense to me. || The two of them expect for him to continue living here in our home while they carry on this affair. Flaunting it daily in front of me, our 13 years old son, our adult children and the grandchildren. Yet it is being kept a secret from her grandchildren. I told her adult daughter through Facebook and some other family and friends of his and hers what they were up too. I don’t care who knows what type of people they really are. When you start messing around with someone else’s man you are a homewrecker. It doesn’t matter if the relationship has had problems or not. And to my husband, since you alleged to her that your wife makes you so miserable, maybe you should of looked for a divorce attorney and not a girlfriend.

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By Ronald

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