Janice Alcibiades – New Kensington, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


I had a nice arrangement, lived with the guy two/half yrs. – his actions showed he cared, but now says ‘not that way’ oh yeah.and he knew I’d do anything for him, I truly did love. But he ruined that totally. Never a take-back for this girl. Anyhow, he took up with This Thing, Hardened looking face, evil attitude, even meaner personality and stupid too !! about two mos. ago, & in the ugliness , while I was obviously packing to leave that house – she poked at me and police were called, unknown why they didn’t just grab her, but oh well. She must have bounced on a cop in a time past to earn a favor? HA ! the midget woman – crime. not even 5ft. and it’s a sicko !! What a waste of Air. Now she’s all smug that ‘she won’ but he’s NO prize. Might have a big dick, but that’s It. His arrogance makes him ugly inside. || He called her “Crazy Jan” for the longest time & in all the time I was there, all I heard was what an ass she was and her kids. and all his family thought she was nutso from the time they lived together shortly for five mos. / five yrs. ago. I saw only a touch of the crazy & she was only off her meds for a few weeks….hmmmm? Play with fire, Brian. haha Well Holly Husband Hunter went off and married again, & divorced again, lost a son to addiction ( i guess since she was too busy chasing men, she didn’t notiice enough), and moved in up the street, made contact with him(Brian) again and lured him back into her insanity. Ok. and he says he ‘really loves her’ – Brian don’t love nobody but Brian. But at the time His Mother was living with us, & I was full time caring for her severe illness and doing everything 24/7. For the giant ‘break’ of not contributing the $300/mo. to rent I had been. || But it still cost me being there !! Now I’m free to spend as I wish, and not to cover a lazy ass ‘boss’ !! haha I have doctors and hospitals to attest to the mother’s excellent care. He even found a way to put his own mother out, because it would be in his best interest/and the slut’s to have all the free time in the world. Albeit, the boy hasn’t worked in over two years but for a few hundred dollars of spot jobs. Always some excuse why they won’t hire him ( or his back is too bad ?). Pushin’ 60 and living off your mother’s money ? hmmm. and STILL going to mommy for money After you put her elsewhere ??!!! Real mature. Makes a man Proud. haha I’m glad to be away from these two. VERY. glad. So many opportunitiies have opened for me !! It has been a month and I have saved over $100 in just not buying house stuff since he couldn’t spend the money he begged off his mother except for what he wanted….which was electr. equip, models,, and video games. The boy is a Vidiot. (video game idiot) plays all day, all night. Downloads massive amts. of movies and data on a torrent or user group. Is very behind in his rent,(because he would ‘short’ a rent ck. in order to buy something else!!) and still beats his chest like a gorilla that it’s “his” place ? who paid the rent, fool ? Mommy & me in our cash outlays monthly. and a ck.register at the banks to prove it !!! .and you still hit up mommy ? Who’s paying…… Not you. Not your slut. || If he’s in it with Thing, for the insurance payoff when she collects for the dead son….then he might find that people get ‘funny’ when you ask for stuff & the money is really not his . Good luck You two lunatics deserve each other. have many crazy years and keep on lookin’ so “hardened’ and cute there girl. No amt. of makeup or clothes can cover a Black Soul. or That so called face !! and Yes , mr. bowie fan…..Black Star…..Gerald Brian Fields. New Kensington as well. Good luck with them Saabs. You don’t have it to maintain them, and you act like you’re 17 when you pretty up to go for rides. it’s always been a laugh to watch. Karma sir. Karma, bitch. it’s going to be fun for Karma to come for you both eventually, if losses aren’t enough. HA !! I just had to say my peace. he did break my heart. Now I’m wiser and farther away. I’ll select to stay that way. he’s trouble ladies, if you get past his doberman thing. haha Rant over.

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By Ronald

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