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This was a one time deal and if I wanted more I could pursue that option.However,I decided to not pursue anymore of the product.My husband called them and cancelled the product.They said no problem.We have since received 3 more bottles of this product and my husband has called them time and time again cancelling this and they are NOT taking us off the account.They said they will put me in a block and that could take time to remove me fully.My husband told them if they don’t stop charging us and sending us this product we will get a lawyer and pursue this legally.They said they would send me an email confirmation of my request to cancel receiving this product.I am still looking and waiting for this email.That was almost 3 weeks ago!! | I agreed to a one month supply to try Caraluma and I did not contract or sign up to receive anymore of this product.They did ship it the next month and my husband did ok that charge.We still did NOT sign up or agree to keep receiving the product.We did call and cancel the product about a week after the second shipment came.We received another charge and another month of the product we cancelled.We thought the problem was resolved until we received another shipment in the mail.My husband called them and demanded them to stop charging us and sending us this product.After a lengthly and trying time on the phone my husband had to literally yell at the person taking his call and demand them to stop sending us and charging us for this product.They said they would put us on a block and that I would receive an email comfirming my not wanting this product any further.That was almost three weeks ago and I have not received any email from them yet.These people are ruthless and do not stop!!!

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