Janet King Lane – Springfield, Missouri Missouri


I am a recently former friend of this insecure hateful self centered person and am sick of Janet King Lane hurting so many including the daughter she has. This sad, married lonely lying so called former small town radio figure is nothing what she seems to her family and friends. Publicly, she pretends to be an honest, loving wife to her husband (pictured with him and the usual fake smile) and adoring mother. All this is fake. In reality, she has been jealously pursuing her former boyfriend Garry since she saw him fall in love with another woman… || whom he lives with. Janet did not have any interest and was involved in another affair when Garry fell in love with someone else but this upset Janet to her jealous core. Not because she loves this man but simply because she was jealous he had moved on from her again. (They dated 20 years ago. If it didn’t work then it won’t now because they weren’t meant to.) Janet also sleeps with her drug dealer so she doesn’t have to explain where the money went. I not only saw her sad actions first hand but also have the proof in text messages, emails and phone calls she had with Garry, the man she is cheating currently with. But he is also cheating with more women than Janet so the joke is on her. She claims she cares about this man Garry but won’t leave her husband because she loves herself and husbands money more than she actually cares about this Garry person or anyone. Many nights she sat on the phone and in my house going over this and what she wanted to do to hurt an innocent woman emotionally and how she would laugh at live in girlfriend when she cried over her boyfriends cheating. The live in girlfriend happens to be an author and gorgeous famous rock and roll figure that has lived a life which Janet always wanted but never did. She is so jealous of the woman she obsesses over her. Janet has stalked her former/current cheating lover’s girlfriend for a year both online and in person/life. It is very sad and sick the things Janet has done to try and get close to the live in girlfriend…like got her daughter a kitten from the girlfriends cat’s litter just so she could confront her but Janet chickened out and stared at the woman through a window while janets daughter met the girlfriend and got the kitten. Both the live in girlfriend and Janet’s husband need to know what is going on so I am posting this in hopes one of them sees it. I was cheated on and find is such a low human trait and sets a horrible example for Janet’s daughter as she has involved her child in her obsession. These two cheaters need to be exposed and their respective, innocent life partner/husband need to be warned. Be aware and get out both to the live in girlfriend and Janet’s husband. Janet will never change.

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By Ronald

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